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A blog/podcast about building, being, creating and dreaming in rural Nova Scotia by writer Sheree Fitch and her DDFM, Gilles Plante.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Current e-Vent.m4v


  1. Greatly amused by the timeout to throw balls for Burnsee. A sawsall is an awesome tool....longsuffering spouse swears by his (as opposed to swearing at it). No big scary spiders down there in that former crawlspace?

  2. That is the cleanest crawlspace I've ever seen! You could not pay me enough to go into ours - it's all dirt and scary unmentionables of the spider and rodent variety, I'm sure...

  3. Belated (and off-topic) thanks for your comment about my book on Shelf Monkey's site.

    Jeff Bursey